Welcome to Chariel Consulting – your partner in transformative leadership and organizational excellence. We excel in three key areas: Leadership, Management, and Personal Development.


Acquire unique problem-solving skills and nurture leaders through our Transformational Leadership program, discovering and deploying your leadership potential


Develop the capacity to plan, organize, direct, and control resources. Our Management courses emphasize project execution and effective corporate policy creation.

Personal Management

Connect with your higher self through our courses, instilling values and discipline for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in leadership roles. Chariel Consulting empowers leaders and organizations for unparalleled success.

Our Certification

Explore our specialized courses designed to cater to various stages of your leadership journey:

01. Basic Leadership Certification Course (BLCC)

Lay the foundation for exceptional leadership.

02. Advanced Leadership Certification Course (ALCC)

Deepen your leadership skills and strategic thinking.

03. Executive Leadership Certificate Course (ELCC)

Elevate your leadership presence at the executive level.

Course Duration

(To be discussed & Negotiated)

Monday – Friday:  3Months (Basics & Advance)
First Session: March – May
Second Sessions: July – September

Every Saturday:  5 Months (Basics & Advance)
First Session: February – June 
Second Sessions: August – December

Monday – Friday  5Days (Basics & Advance for Busy Executives)
First Session: February
Second Sessions: June
Third Sessions: October

Monday to Friday – 1 Week (Basic) – August

2024 Training Course Brochure

Course Modules

Explore the comprehensive modules offered at Chariel Consulting, designed to cultivate personal and professional development:


Leading Change through vision, Organization Excellence, Balancing Innovation & Stability, Strategic Thinking, Team Building


Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making


Emotional Intelligence, Ethical Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Industry trends & Future forecasting, Innovative Leadership Models


Measuring & Evaluating Strategic Leadership Impact, Building Strong Networks, Adaptive Leadership, Prototypical Leadership, Strategic Decision-Making in uncertainty.


Crisis Management, Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health, Digital Well-Being, Financial Wellness & Mental Health, Leadership's Role in Mental Health


Management Burnout, Mental health First Aid, Mindfulness & Meditation, Peer Support Networks, Remote Work & Mental Health


Accessing Mental Health Resources, Building Resilience, Building Social Connection, Conflict Resolution & Emotional Regulation, Creating a Supporting Environment


Self-Care Practices, Stress Management, Trauma-Informed Approaches, Understanding Mental Health, Workplace Boundary

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