World Class

Welcome to Chariel Consulting

A young thriving and dynamic global training institution, with an international reputation for combining world class leading research with a personal experience. I am particularly delighted that you are considering Chariel Consulting as the next step for your future, we have passion to meeting your learning needs. Our values reflect in all we do, with foundation in Excellence Framework.

Chariel Consulting trainers and corporate team are experts in their disciplines. Our works has impact well beyond spheres of influence, improving the quality of lives and organizations, whilst impacting business and global challenges. By choosing us, you become a part of our phenomenal community.

In exploring your options, it is important that you choose wisely, the environment in which you decide to study. The ambiance at our training facility helps to inspire the genius in you and create a Centre of knowledge where you can thrive exceptionally. Our collection offers a close-knit support network and the chance to make friendships and build networks for life.

As a member of our global community, you would be joining a new tribe of excellent leaders that leads exceptionally. Chariel Consulting offers more than gold-standard trainings with a radical shift from the conventional leadership of yesterday, you would be prepared for a rewarding career. Our support system is unparalleled and available to all tribe members. Whatever your interests and ambitions, I am confident that Chariel Consulting is the place for you and I look forward to welcoming you at any of our trainings

Thank You.

Dr. Chris Udofia

MD/CEO: Chariel Consulting


VISION: To raise a new tribe of excellent leaders, to lead exceptionally in their different spheres & space.

MISSION: To empower men and women to connect with their higher self


L – Love Exceptionally

E – Excellence without Compromise

A – Accountability

D – Discipline



School of Leadership

  • Develop capacity to lead exceptionally
  • Develop unique skills to problem solving
  • Develop capacity to raise other leaders

School of Management

  • Develop capacity to plan, organize, direct, and control resources productively
  • Creating effective and efficient corporate policies
  • Ability to execute projects and get things done objectively within time limit

School of Personal Development

  • Connect with your higher self, calling and purpose
  • Instill values and discipline of excellent leadership
  • Refine character for effectiveness in leadership