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Embark on a dual journey with Chariel Consulting, where leadership meets transformation for both individuals and businesses. Our practical, motivating, and insightful training is tailored to elevate personal leadership skills while equipping organizations for excellence.

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  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Personal Development

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  • Transformation Leadership
  • Human Capital Development
  • Performance Optimization

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We Employ Latest Consulting Technology for Individual & Company

At Chariel Consulting, we wholeheartedly believe that integrating the latest technology into our consulting services is not just about staying current; it’s about redefining the consulting journey for maximum impact. Our commitment to technological innovation is rooted in the profound belief that it has the power to revolutionize how individuals and businesses achieve unprecedented success

“Every industry and organization will have to transform itself in the next few years. What is coming at us is bigger than the original internet, and you need to understand it, get on board with it, and figure out how to transform your business.” 

Dr. Chris Udofia

 Founder & CEO of Chariel Consulting

Our Expertise/Course

Chariel Consulting, registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, is your partner in developing purpose-driven, excellence-oriented organizations. Our expertise lies in fostering a mental shift through universal timeless principles.

Embark on your leadership journey with our foundational BLCC. Perfect for individuals looking to build a solid understanding of leadership principles, this course provides essential skills that serve as a springboard for personal and professional growth.

For those seeking a deeper understanding and a more nuanced approach to leadership, our ALCC is tailored to refine your skills. Delve into advanced concepts, strategic thinking, and transformative leadership methodologies.

Tailored for C-suite executives and senior leaders, our ELCC is an intensive program focusing on honing executive leadership skills. Engage in high-level discussions, strategic decision-making simulations, and personalized coaching.

Why People Trust Us

Discover what our clients are saying about their experiences with Chariel Consulting. Read testimonials that reflect the positive impact our programs have had on individuals and organizations.

Practical Approach

Experience hands-on training with a focus on real-world application for immediate impact.

Tailored Certification Courses

Choose from BLCC, ALCC, and ELCC designed for various leadership stages.

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our seasoned professionals and industry experts dedicated to guiding your leadership journey.


Achieve tangible results in leadership roles and personal development through our commitment to success.

Latest Case Studies

Explore our recent consulting successes. See how our participants have applied their newfound leadership skills to achieve success in various aspects of their personal and professional lives

What People Say About Us

Discover what our clients are saying about their experiences with Chariel Consulting. Read testimonials that reflect the positive impact our programs have had on individuals and organizations.

Chariel Consulting
Manasseh Ozege

“Attending Chariel Consulting’s free webinar was a revelation. The depth of insights shared in that short session was incredible. It left me hungry for more, prompting me to enroll in their comprehensive courses. The quality of training provided, even in a free setting, reflects their commitment to excellence.”

The class was insightful and impactful. Although the content wasn’t entirely new, the instructor’s approach created an atmosphere that motivated action. The 7 puzzles of life were particularly enlightening, as they were dissected and interconnected to yield solid success outcomes. Armed with this knowledge and a sense of purpose, you anticipate exponential results with diligence and divine assistance
Grace Ebong
Realtor/Digital Marketer
One doesn't just stumble on the future, it's created. I need to create what I want to see in this world, then I can arrive at that future. I also learnt to take action and avoid procrastination. Today's teaching going forward will help me to take more actions, discipline myself until I achieve my academic and career goals. Thank you so much for the class, sir. It's a good way to begin the year for me.
Andero Covenant
Virtual Assistance | Abuja
It was a reminder for me that I need to take a radical and practical approach towards transformation really. You may practically need help of coach to guide you in achieving this it. So, the major crust of what I took out and learnt is that you shouldn't put your hope in situation or anybody but yourself. Why practically getting your goals written and breaking them down to achievable steps. If you need to rebrand yourself you can do so and try to wear a positive attitude to make the journey easier.
Martha Ogundiran,
Data Analyst

Chariel Consulting Team

Our team of experts is passionate about guiding you on your leadership journey. Meet the faces behind Chariel Consulting, each dedicated to helping you achieve excellence.

Dr. Chris Udofia - MD/CEO

Dr. Chris Udofia


Emmanuel Afolabi - Web Manager

Emmanuel Afolabi

Website Manager

Carmen Javier

Faculty Member

Adedoyin O. Peter

Graphics Manager

Felix Jemegbe

Motion Graphics Manager

Manasseh Ozege

Social Media Manager

Grace Ebong

Digital Marketing Executive

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